Tiffany: Shipping/Receiving


Stitches Clothing Co is the product of creative printing passion that started years ago in owner Anthony’s garage.  After buying a small manual to screen print his own shirts, he grew in fervor for the industry, and the rest is history.  That passion has since grown into a full-service commercial shop in the Biggest Little City alongside the shared creative love and screen printing talent of other like-minded individuals that make up the Stitches Clothing Co team. 

Bailey: Production Assistant
When he is not assisting on the auto, Bailey is doing all the little things needed to keep things rolling smooth between jobs. Bailey is an eager learner and loves the people she works with.  A fan of Lake Tahoe, Bailey is stoked to live somewhere that gives one freedom to camp and hike easily. 

Tiffany: Project Manager/Accounts Receivable

Darrin: Quality Control Lead/Production assistant

Elissa: Graphic artist/pre production

Kolina: Embroidery manager

Scott recently joined our team from the East Coast.  With almost 15 years experience in the industry he has quickly turned our embroidery department into a well oiled machine.

Stan: Embroidery tech

Amber: Director of Operations
Amber loves the variety that each day offers at SCC and is a multitasker extraordinaire. From overseeing the original design to the final product, Amber enjoys seeing projects come to life.  The SCC staff feels like family to her, and their friendship and inside jokes add to a happy work environment.  Living in the Reno area, Amber loves the contrasting elements of the desert, beach, mountains, and big city. Even though the city is big, Amber enjoys running into people she knows often because of its small-town feel.  She can’t imagine living anywhere else! Amber is currently working on a two-year E-MBA program and is looking forward to the challenge of being a student, business manager, wife and mom.

Carson: Lead Administrative Assistant
Her keen eye for detail and willingness to jump in help in any department makes Carson a great all around pre-production employee.  She started with us in 2016 as a graphic artist, moved to shipping/receiving, then back to the office to assist in all things order processing and pre-production. Carson enjoys working at Stitches Clothing Co because it doesn’t feel like it’s all work.  She enjoys coming to work and feels appreciated.  She loves how every person on staff takes pride in their work, and they all work so well together!  Carson is originally from Las Vegas and holds Nevada in a special place in her heart. Carson has done ballet for 18 years and still considers it a passion.

Naty: Production Lead
Naty leads our production team and loves setting up the screens for each job because each screen is different and interesting.  No matter the job, difficult or easy, Naty knows that the final product is going to please the customer. She enjoys living in the area because of beautiful Lake Tahoe being nearby. Naty’s favorite hobby is cooking authentic Mexican cuisine, and sharing it with the rest of us!

Anthony: Owner/Production Manager
Anthony started Stitches Clothing Co over ten years ago. Printing by himself on a single-manual press kept in a storage unit, he would wash out his projects in the car wash down the street. Now his business occupies a 6,000 square foot warehouse and has 10+ full-time employees.  His favorite part of his job is the printing multicolor simulator process.  Seeing the end result come out perfectly is incredibly satisfying.  He loves the cutting edge equipment, appreciates his top notch employees, and is excited about the business’s uniquely fast turnaround time for product completion. Anthony enjoys camping and boating at Lake Tahoe alongside his two beautiful children and wife.